Extension Care

To help maintain your beautiful SEW FIRE tresses I've listed a few tips and tricks.

  • Shampooing your extensions weekly/bi-weekly is recommended.
  •  I love Silicon Shampoo's and Conditioners! They give your extensions that "Bounce Back"! Adds luster and shine! I always recommend those for extensions and they're great for reviving old extensions you'd like to wear again.
  • When you're not sporting your beautiful tresses, it is essential to store your extensions in a silk or satin bonnet/pillow case. Never a plastic bag (causes hair to dry rot.)
  • Alcohol-free styling products are recommended when styling extensions. Avoid over-use to prevent product build up.
  • Ionic ceramic heat styling tools are recommended
  • Overuse of curling, irons, flat irons and blow dryers will shorten the life of human hair extensions.