U.S. Army Veteran Selena aka "Sew" had bigger dreams of being a military Soldier. From a young age she noticed she had a gift and passion for hair-styling. A passion that would later propel her to find a purpose even greater than she could ever imagine. In 2014 Sew decided to take a leap of faith and solely invest in her God given talent and craft. While being stationed in Hawaii Sew began to build her brand and name for herself and became recognized as one of the TOP hairstylist in her area setting her apart from her cosmetology peers. Though she enjoyed catering to her clients, she decided she wanted more and wanted to provide the BEST to them. Sew then decided to take her talents to Paul Mitchell The School Honolulu to have her skills polished and refined.

Once she completed school, Sew set her sights back to her hometown of Montgomery, AL to set up her empire and be closer to family. Tragically, a few short months of returning home Sew's number one supporter and beloved mother unexpectedly passed away. That very moment would change her life forever and cause her to work even harder than before. The very foundation of her skill set came from her mother as she would learn various hair-styling techniques as child by watching in awe of how multi-talented she was. Today Sew uses the energy of her pain and the promise she made to her mother to forever work hard, build a reputable brand, provide quality products and build a legacy for her younger sister.

Over the course of being in Hawaii and now back in Montgomery Sew has had the opportunity to fill her resume with servicing celebrity clientele, landing video shoot jobs of prominent music industry artists and also teaching hair seminars of various sew-in and wig making techniques all over the United States. Being able to share her talent with clients and other cosmetology peers is the ultimate reward to the passion she has for the hair and beauty industry.

Sew's mantra is the a woman's hair is her "Crown and Glory". Hence, her most sought after custom wig line labeled "Custom Crowns". She believes every woman's hair is a direct reflection of how she feels. When your hair is beautiful you feel beautiful!